Listen to interviews of people in Invercargill about how they are reducing waste

Briary Crawford - Zachernuk

is interviewed about her views on a Waste less, cost less Christmas by Jenny Campbell. Briary had heaps of practical suggestions about not wrapping with fancy paper and giving ideas which cost very little or nothing, go on giving and are much better for our earth eg vouchers, time, teaching a new skill, taking out on a visit, a plant, homemade jam, knitting.... the list is endless- just use your imagination.

Wallace Jack,

new Chair of Southland Community Wastebusters Trust (SCWT) speaks about his passion for Busting Waste, how things have changed in the way we look at waste/ resources, how to model for others and make a difference at home and at work.

Peter Kett,

member of SCWT talks about his commitment to making a difference with recycling at public events eg Ascot races & Rugby Park (aluminium cans, plastic bottles), and at businesses eg TAB (paper). He also spoke about the impact of children who know about recycling through education. Setting up labelled recycling bins in public places and at events is essential.