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Southland Community Wastebusters Trust

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Southland Community Wastebusters Trust (S.C.W.T.) has been formed to encourage, support and educate the people of Southland to minimise waste for the benefit of the environment and all living things.

Who are we?

SCWT is a Southland-wide group of motivated individuals concerned about the impact of current methods of waste disposal in our local environment. We have representatives from each local authority and runanga.

Who benefits?

The whole community, future generations and our total environment benefits through

  • waste minimisation, resource reuse and recovery
  • creation of employment opportunities
  • a vibrant community working together

What are we about?

  • Changing attitudes
  • promoting waste minimisation and positive action
  • understanding waste is a valuable resource
  • educating to realise the benefits of sorting our waste stream
  • raising awareness of every individual's responsibility in this.

How do we achieve this?

  • Working in partnership with Community Employment Group (CEG), local councils and communities
  • Establishing links with similar organisations
  • Exploring funding opportunities to further our objectives
  • Investigating job and project opportunities

Areas the Trust is working on initially

Southland's waste stream composition

Public education
 about waste minimisation

Development of partnerships
 with key players in waste

Encouraging separation
 of the waste stream

Promoting the 4 R's

  • Rethink
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle


How can we help you?

By being in a win-win relationship with you, providing advice and information to:
Businesses, Schools, Landcare Groups, the Community through groups and individuals.

How can you help us?

  • Promote the concept of waste minimisation at home and in your community
  • Help set up satellite groups
  • Lobby your own local authority to provide a Resource Recovery Centre - a central collection point for recycling materials
  • Encourage your schools to become involved with waste minimisation projects such as
    • worm farming
    • composting
    • recycling all materials possible
  • Share your minimisation ideas with others
  • Become a Friend of SCWT by sending your name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address, along with $10 to the Secretary, A Irwin Hokonui R.D.2 Wintonl.

Current projects include

The worm farm at Gore tip
  • Setting up a worm farm in Gore using household scraps, in conjunction with Gore District Council
  • Waste Wise kit promotion through schools which includes setting up worm farms
  • Organising site around city for recycling of tin cans in conjunction with Sim's Pacific Metal
  • Informal and formal networking with groups and individuals

Information about SCWT available from

  • Southland District Council Offices
  • Environment Southland
  • Invercargill City Council
  • Gore District Council
  • Invercargill City Library
  • Invercargill Environment Centre

Contact: Agnes Irwin (03) 236 4103 ,
Write to Southland Wastebusters
C/- A Irwin
RD2 Winton