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The members of the Southland Worm Breeders are committed to promoting the benefits of vermiculture in waste management, improving soil and plant healthand growing quality food.

Our aim is to encourage and educate Southlanders to "use nature naturally"in these areas.

We believe that this is vital for New Zealand to help retain its "clean green" image.

We are available to meet with other groups, schools etc to share our expertise and knowledge of worm farming, the use of worms in home and industrial composting,the use of vermicast, and to help others set up worm farms.

We enjoy holding displays and demonstrations at fairs and field days.

Our members are willing to:

  • demonstrate worm farming
  • help set up and manage worm farms at home, school or work
  • set up educational displays
  • organise visits to small or large worm farms
  • supply worms
  • supply various types of worm bins
  • give out info on how to make your own bins
  • sell vermicast
  • sell liquid vermicast
  • talk about worms for as long as you like!

We meet on the first Thursday of every third month:
Contact us for information about the next meeting.
Everyone is welcome.

Veronica Christie Box 25, Mossburn 9747 : 032486027

Judith Madden: 032186114   Has worms for sale