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Starting a No-Dig Garden

(a beginners guide)

Contributed by Gus and Rita Lukkien

  1. Find a suitable spot for the vegetable garden.

    It needs to get enough sun to be not too wet, not too dry, not too windy to be away from a public road (car fumes)

    Keep garden bed(s) to a manageable size, so it isn't necessary to step on the soil to reach the middle (compression)

    Start with one or two plots so it is possible to find out if gardening is suitable for you and by starting small it is possible to learn on the job

    If the place for the garden has high grass or long weeds, mow this down if possible, so a more even surface is achieved.

    If the soil in the garden is a heavy clay, put some gypsum on the spot chosen for the veggie garden. Gypsum breaks the clay down

  2. Collect all the things necessary to start a garden:

    newspaper / cardboard / woollen or cotton carpet / underlay manure/straw / pea straw / dried grass clippings or spoiled hay compost.

    Something to hold it all together: a wooden frame, bricks etc.

    Check for access to water

  3. Start the process:

    • mow grass/weeds
    • lay down frame (it can be done without)
    • put down newspaper / cardboard etc
    • put in first layer : manure
    • put in second layer : straw, pea straw etc
    • put on compost

Your garden is now ready to be planted

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