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Hover over animals



Invented by Lloyd Esler

A great new car game.

Basically you have to hold your breath until you see a different sort of mammal, so you breathe in a pattern that goes something like this:

...sheep, horse, sheep, cow, deer, sheep, dog, sheep...

Some rules: If you see a jumart (a hybrid cow and horse) you are exempt for the rest of your life.
Drivers are not allowed to play as they need to concentrate on the road.

What is a mammal ?
A mammal is a warm-blooded animal with bones that feeds its young on milk.
Mammals include: human beings, apes, many four-legged animals, whales, dolphins, and bats.

What is an animal ?
A living thing thats not a plant.
An animal includes: insects, birds, reptiles, dinosaurs, and mammals.

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